Te abrimos la puerta al exterior
Te abrimos la puerta al exterior


Fenix International consists on a team made of commited and experienced professionals.

Our company has a wide experience in international projects renowed for its seriousness and commitment with our customers. The following projects are worth mentioning as they summarize our job:


We worked with well-known national distributions brands such as Padel Lobb and Vision, controlling the manufacturing process of their products and the compliance of the quality requirements, preparing audist to their processes on-site, processing the correspondent documentation and managing international shipment for its on-time delivery at customer's warehouse, deliverying them well packaged and labelled, completely prepared for its distribution.


We also collaborated in tight scheduled projects for actvities organized by the Ateneo of Sevilla, importing high volume of personalized products for different customers, deliverying them on-time and with the correct formats.


Our profile allows us to work in technological projects for companies from the aeronautical sector (Elimco, Skylife), whose technical requirements and regulations are very rigid.


We also import raw material for the chemical industry for companies such as Persan and Euroquímica.


We are exporting household cleaning products to the north of Africa through distributors cooperating with our customers in adapting their products to the new markets.


We are also participating in multilateral bids for technological products such as drones, working with different companies to provide a complete solution for these programs. We are also preparing solutions for organizations such as International Red Cross.


Regarding training, we have worked for important business schools such as OBS-EAE, IEBS, ISEAD and professional organizations such as Club 567, etc.


Madrid (Spain)

Ph. (+34) 955.510.257



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