Te abrimos la puerta al exterior
Te abrimos la puerta al exterior

UAV / Drone services and applications

Our service consists on providing our customers a complete solution for their needs. We combine drone/UAV manufacturer services and products with Engineering and Technicians to get the optimal solution for specific applications and proyects.

  • Marketing consultancy (market research studies, access to potential clients, etc.)
  • Legal consultancy (legislation, regulations, etc.)
  • Preparation of international tenders for multilateral agencies (UN, EU, etc.)
  • Drones/UAVs (national and international products)
  • Pilots (special application services)
  • Technical support
  • Customized developments (applications for specific functions)
  • Integral engineering services (turnkey projects)



  • Topography
  • Agriculture
  • Events
  • Emergency and rescue services
  • Photography, video and aerial mapping
  • Prevention and fire control
  • Citizen security and surveillance
  • Civil work and construction
  • Traffic and communications
  • Courier services
  • Scientific investigation and control of natural resources


Madrid (Spain)

Ph. (+34) 955.510.257



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