Te abrimos la puerta al exterior
Te abrimos la puerta al exterior

Welcome to Fenix International

At Fenix International, we work to provide solutions about International Commerce for companies and self-employed professionals. 


We carry out internationalization projects and export plans adapted to each company. We work hand in hand with our clients towards the achievement of the objectives, in order to succeed in each foreign operation.


We advise and manage companies in the import-export of its products by controlling step by step each process, logistics and international documentation, complying with the technical and quality requirements demanded for each operation.


Our professionals have a wide experience in import-export operations, control of shipments, customs management, international documentation management, market research and search for optimal distributions channels for each customer.


Fenix International also offers training in foreign trade for companies and self-employed professionals by preparing specific courses for each customer, based on their needs. 


In the other side, we are official suppliers of the United Nations, participating in international bids that require immediate answers.


Madrid (Spain)

Ph. (+34) 955.510.257



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